About Us

Metion is an agritech start-up, innovating the Indonesian livestock industry by connecting farmers to validated markets. Through our digital platform, we boost productivity and supply quality resources, all driven by precise, data-guided insights. We're committed to transforming agriculture practices and uplifting the livestock sector, fostering an environment of transparency and sustainable economic growth.

We are Metion, your partner in transforming livestock management for the future.


To shape a sustainable and productive Indonesian livestock ecosystem through technological innovation and market connectivity that empowers farmers and related industries


1. To enhance the productivity and efficiency of Indonesian livestock farming through accurate, data-driven guidance and tools

2. To establish a reliable and strong supply network for farmers, ensuring access to high-quality resources

3. To provide direct access to validated markets, ensuring a fair and transparent marketplace for livestock products

4. To promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth in the Indonesian livestock sector through collaboration with industry stakeholders


Faisal Rahman

Chief Executive Officer

Aulya Fadilla Rachman

Chief Financial Officer

M Arief Rachman

Chief of Business Upstream

Tri Wahyudi

Chief of Business Downstream